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                  Our Story ~ 

AV Harrison Promotions was originally
established in 1875 Baltimore as

'A.V. Harrison Printing' 

From generations of Harrison - McNeir publishing and newspaper tradespeople, A.V. Harrison Publishing evolved in 2009 

Ten years later we decided that the time had come to answer the siren’s call of renewed passion. On the eve of 2019,  AV Harrison Promotions was established.

Our objective is to lead in promoting fresh trends in the publishing and music industries, and respond to our individually selected clients with clear, sound advice. ~ Emily Hill

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Background: My career is in news media relations

and public speaking.

I studied psychology / communications emphasis at Shoreline Community College and then transferred to the UW.

My first ‘promotions’ job was as a Weyerhaeuser Company media contact with a temporary assignment in Washington D.C. in 1980 during the Reagan transition.

I was just in from D.C. and was back at corporate headquarters in the media relations department when Mt. St. Helen’s ‘blew’. And on the communications team when one of our employees was taken hostage in a foreign country. I worked in the Corporate Information Media Relations department at Weyerhaeuser's corporate headquarters for 12 years.

After the timber shortfall flattened that industry, I was hired by the University of Washington – same drill. As Public Information Officer / upper campus/ my assignment was overseeing the university's compliance to the public disclosure laws of Washington State and  responding to news media requests for documents.

After my semi-retirement, I opened a boutique publishing house in Edmonds, WA. Two of my own (Amazon) best sellers and three client best sellers – based on the opportunities of eCommerce and global marketing, taught me how much time, effort, and expertise it takes to grab a best seller (70-hour weeks, until the Tipping Point is realized).

Soon, I was hired by the Edmonds' arts commission to teach 'internet marketing-success' to attendees of the city’s writer’s conference;. I was also hired by a workshop firm ( same topic) for a workshop series at Edmonds Community College.

Then, an opportunity to be Edmonds’ arts columnist came up, and from 2013-2017 I wrote over 500 weekly columns for Edmonds' leading news outlet, My Edmonds News. Many of those columns were shout outs for local bands.


There are many community-involved and professional musicians in our family; active nationally and internationally -- whose interest lies in classical music to rap and rock.

My ‘going in’ belief is to do all that I can “for the music” -- Whether it’s more funding for music in schools, Music4Life, youth symphonies, or raising awareness of the mental health challenges that artists and musicians face– it’s all with the best intentions of giving music its widest, EXPANDING audience. 

I'm happy you took a moment to stop by my website ~ Your insights, and perspectives are welcomed.

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AV Harrison Promotions is proud to have been selected as the exclusive publicist of artist and composer, K Michael Joseph. 

Early Promotions Campaigns &

Current Shout Outs 

for 2017 ECA appearance

Scotty Harris, 2019

Lissa Ramaglia, 2019

The Louisiana Experience, 2018

Scotty Harris                        Lissa Ramaglia

by Kathy J Rankin                by Denise Hathaway 

AV Harrison Promotions is very pleased to have had the (pre-COVID) confidence on promotions  of 

Singer & Entertainer

Douglas Arrington, 


in Seattle and St. Augustine's

entertainment circles as

"A Voice to Remember".

Out Now!!

Summer 2021 Release.

Street of Broken People

A novel by Emily Hill

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Since 2009